Monday, 24 August 2009

G'day mate!

Sorry for the absence, but a lot has happened this month - notably my birthday(!) & currently biggin' it up in Australia, where broadband is a bit elusive...

Anyway, there's a lot of things I need to blog about, including the journey here & the many amazing locations I have visited including a golf themed bar, some wine tasting (hmm, this seems to be all orientating around booze!) & the general Aussie culture.

But what I've realised when visiting these place is that I'm fascinated by how immersed I become in the experience - completely losing myself in different scenarios & places - a sort of virtual reality. This had made me even more interested in the topic by reading the graphic novel "Surrogates" - taking virtual reality to its limits through robotics & discussing whether we have control over products or them over us.

So apart from that, you haven't missed much! I'll continue my efforts to blog regularly & get pictures, videos etc, but there's no promises as I'm having too much fun in Oz!!!