Tuesday, 30 June 2009

You can't not like it!

As I frequently enjoy learning ridiculous facts, I thought I would post up one of my favourite pseudo educational programs, Mythbusters - a brilliant mix of entertainment and hard(ish) science. So I say WATCH IT NOW!!!

Also, here is a TED Talk by Mythbuster presenter Adam Savage. I thought I had too much time on my hands!


I have just discovered an amazing exhibition called "U.F.O: Blurring the boundaries between art and design", but unfortunately it is based in Germany. For me, it is essentially a who's who in the design world and the standard of work that I aspire to make. I love it!

"Where does design end and art begin? Charles Eames, the most influential designer of the mid-twentieth century, said that ‘design is an expression of purpose. It may (if it is good enough) later be judged as art.’ Contemporary young designers see the matter more pragmatically. According to the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, ‘there is no longer a clear border between product design and art.’ The most recent answer to this question is inherent in the new phrase ‘design-art’."

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sophie TV

A genius short film by Hans Lo - created for his eight month old niece to teach her about how different things in life work. I love the use of dated graphics and music; it reminds me of the BBC comedy series "Look Around You" - a hilarious take on educational science videos for schools.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Man In The High Castle

I'm currently reading Phillip K. Dick's "The Man In The High Castle" as I absolutely the premise of alternate realities and science fiction. I'm so curious about the future and the unlimited paths the world might take, so this book was right down my alley!

The Future...

I do believe the wheels of my website have been set in motion! So hopefully a prototype should be online in about 2 - 3 weeks, hoorah!

Anyway, I've successfully finished third year unscathed and I'm ready for the final 12 months! To prepare I've completely immersed myself in information - websites, podcasts, newspapers, magazines - learning about pretty much everything.

I'm also back on the drawing wagon doodling away trying new techniques and such just to keep continually improving my skills.

Most importantly I'm trying to identify my own personal style by making mood boards of the people who have inspired me. I can't believe I haven't mentioned him before, but German designer Deiter Rams is an absolute product design god! His work is the pinnacle of industrial design, combining form with semantics creating beautiful but functional objects.

But I just don't want to create the exterior, I want to get my hands dirty and make the innards too, both mechanical and electronic. So here's hoping whatever comes out of my final year of studies is along the lines of that...

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Animated Furniture

Some great and humorous work from cabinet maker Jake Cress - I really love the cripple table (pictured above).