Sunday, 13 September 2009

Taken for granted...

What a week! After an incredibly long journey back to Scotland from Australia, it turned out our luggage magically disappeared in transit!!! The scary thing is that the airline - who we put all of our trust into - had no idea where it was either. What an emotional rollercoaster the following 5 days turned out to be before our possessions were located & delivered back to us in (almost) one piece:

1) Confusion - the initial realisation of the missing bags
2) Anger - how could they do this to us?
3) Fury! - after being told the airline had no idea where our things were
4) Despair - knowing we probably wouldn't see our bags again
5) Acceptance - remembering when we had our stuff
6) More Anger
7) Ecstasy - Finding out that the luggage had been located
8) Frustration - waiting for our possessions to turn up
9) Excitement - knowing we would be reunited with our bags
10) Joy - when they arrived (although one bag had been utterly destroyed!)

In summary, you don't realise the emotional connection you have with even the most trivial article until you think you will never see it again.

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