Friday, 13 November 2009


Currently I am one quarter of the way through my final year (scary thought!) - completing the first in four stages of our courses design process - FIND, PLAY, MAKE, TALK. I have found people to work with & generated one hundred ideas all about mystery, selecting the best twenty.

To help aid our year in choosing what ideas to take forward & play with, a selection of industry figureheads came to have a look at our ideas. The people were:

Andrew Shoben from Greyworld
Daljit Singh from Digit
Richard Banks & Tim Regan from Microsoft Research
Bill Gaver from Goldsmiths
Charlie Rohan from NCR

It was a great day & I learned a ridiculous amount of the design world outside of academia - chuffed! & I might even have the idea I want to make...

Here are some pics of the setup of the room & my table.

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