Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The End of Play...

It's been four weeks of developing my concept, and I wish I could say it's been easy!

Four weeks of indecision, redesigning and frustration - but finally everything fell into place.

To give you a hint of the final concept, here is the blurb for my rationale board:

Before the rise of personal computers, people stored their most treasured information – pictures, videos, music, and letters – in very personal and creative ways. But due to the rise of multimedia computers, these rituals and idiosyncrasies have been replaced by standardised and lifeless methods – digital folders and files all in one location.

The richness of this information has decreased due to this system - pictures mixed with text documents, videos mixed with graphs and charts - there is no way to fully appreciate and value all of these types of information simply from a computer screen and uninspiring storage devices.

Rewrite renews the sentimental value of this information using the modern method of digital storage devices. Each drive has been created from lost methods of interaction due to replacement by computers – a chrome microphone for music, a VHS tape for videos, a projector slide for pictures and a journal for letters.

By allocating each type of medium a physical artefact, the organisation and storage of the data becomes more tangible and meaningful. It makes the experience of using digital information more valuable, and through being able to organise and store them wherever you like, it revives the rituals and interactions connected more with traditional media and enables users to interact with information in a more intuitive and creative ways.

If you haven't already guessed, my products are called Rewrite!

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