Saturday, 7 March 2009


The thing I've noticed recently is that hand renders of products have disappeared, being replaced by computer aided visualisations. I do agree that machines are getting better at creating more "realistic" pictures, but they feel so lifeless, so sterile.

I thought the whole point of renders were to sell the product to the client - make them feel part of it, get them emotionally involved - but I don't think the computer renders have this. Fair enough they're very accurate, but where's the life?

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Steph-annie said...

maybe it's a different stage that the computer render drawing are involved in. I think if your in a bussiness you would show your boss and co-workers your rendered drawings and you would show a client a rendered drawing like this just becuase it looks more finished anf finalised. This image might also be the actual finished product so you would want it rendered to the closet product as possible.