Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I have just discovered an amazing exhibition called "U.F.O: Blurring the boundaries between art and design", but unfortunately it is based in Germany. For me, it is essentially a who's who in the design world and the standard of work that I aspire to make. I love it!

"Where does design end and art begin? Charles Eames, the most influential designer of the mid-twentieth century, said that ‘design is an expression of purpose. It may (if it is good enough) later be judged as art.’ Contemporary young designers see the matter more pragmatically. According to the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, ‘there is no longer a clear border between product design and art.’ The most recent answer to this question is inherent in the new phrase ‘design-art’."

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TeeTotallyNot said...

thanks for the tip, I checked out their website - some funny and intriguing stuff, pity I found this too late, it's in Düsseldorf, and ends on Sunday :(