Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Future...

I do believe the wheels of my website have been set in motion! So hopefully a prototype should be online in about 2 - 3 weeks, hoorah!

Anyway, I've successfully finished third year unscathed and I'm ready for the final 12 months! To prepare I've completely immersed myself in information - websites, podcasts, newspapers, magazines - learning about pretty much everything.

I'm also back on the drawing wagon doodling away trying new techniques and such just to keep continually improving my skills.

Most importantly I'm trying to identify my own personal style by making mood boards of the people who have inspired me. I can't believe I haven't mentioned him before, but German designer Deiter Rams is an absolute product design god! His work is the pinnacle of industrial design, combining form with semantics creating beautiful but functional objects.

But I just don't want to create the exterior, I want to get my hands dirty and make the innards too, both mechanical and electronic. So here's hoping whatever comes out of my final year of studies is along the lines of that...

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