Friday, 17 October 2008

It's a sad day...

So far, after sending away seven probe packs to the participants, two have returned their packs uncompleted, one has said she will complete it on Saturday and I've had no word from the other four. Needless to say, my cultural probes have been a complete disaster... or has it?

Although I've had no real responses from the participants, I have noticed a common factor between them - it doesn't matter what discipline or country the craftsman is in, they all have no time! They are all too busy to do anything , but work. Could this be a driving factor for my project?

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Steph said...

do not worry. maybe you should look into the smaller crafts thatgo unoticed. In richard sennette's `the craftsman` child minding is a craft. I suggest you read this to find out what craft actually is. The author makes it out to be more of a thought process. I think, at least what i can remember. It's something like the development of a skill that becomes a craft! repeating a process over and over again.

cooking a meal- is it craft
not all craft id arty