Wednesday, 26 November 2008

After the competition...

Yesterday, I competed the selfish self service competition run by NCR. I managed to get into the final 16 which I'm very proud of, but what I'm even more proud of is what kind of designer I am becoming.

The Design for Industry course won the main prize, but that was exactly what the competition was - designing a service for an industry. Although their students came up with good ideas, they were all very "safe" in terms of the brief. Our course on the other hand challenged the brief, and came up with some crazy ideas and pushed the boundaries of what a self service actually is.

This is where I believe design has to go - there is no point going round in circles designing boring run of the mill stuff, we need to move forward and by thinking outside of the box we can do this!


Steph said...

just wondering

how do you think you challenged the brief?

Nat.D. said...

nicely put! exactly what i was thinking on the day!