Friday, 7 November 2008

Change of plan

After attending the workshop in Mono on Wednesday, I have decided to change the topic for dissertation - how would the combination of electronics with craft affect the relationship between humans and products... still a working title!

I have came to realise that this topic is more suited to my subject and it will help me in my studio work, and plus I'll actually be able to research this one! What a nightmare it is trying to talk to ghosts!

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Steph said...

Great plan. Sounds good. I think i prefered this one when you were talking about it weeks ago.
I don't think craft is done as much now. Everything is machine automated! And becuase of it knowledge of simple tasks are being lost. We are getting stupider as electronic technology develops. Kids are becoming so digitised! It's so popular. It's a new generation. What things are you going to look into?

How do you think mine is sounding. It's up on my blog.